I worked with Callum on a motion design project for one of my final university projects. I was thoroughly impressed with Callum’s skill and ability to produce a soundtrack that perfectly complemented my motion design. I gave Callum examples of pieces that I liked the style of and using this, he created a soundtrack that exceeded my expectations. I hope to work with Callum on future projects, as his professionalism and commitment did not go unnoticed."

Harry GravellMotion DesignerLinkedIn

 I was fortunate to have Callum's help on my Uni project. He's a talented and enthusiastic person, communication was easy and the turnaround was quick and satisfying. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great piece of music for your work in the future."

Au Duong QuanMotion DesignerInstagram

 On Shimbir, I worked closely alongside Callum who worked as my sound mixer. Applying his knowledge and technical expert, the stereo and 5.1 mix designed by Callum was in line with what I imagined the soundscape to feel like. Creativity flowed through the process as Callum brought in interesting suggestions which took the original direction to a different level. Overall, I can not recommend Callum enough, his friendly and welcoming work ethic and openness to direction is unlike no other."

Abdalla OmarFilm Producer, DirectorInstagram

 Working with Callum as a sound designer brought to my motion graphics project to a new level. He was able to create a sound track and SFX that suited the animation to perfection despite being given a very loose brief. Would highly recommend working with him."

Alex WeinerMotion Designeralexweiner.net